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Ski Skates Snow Shoes skishoes snowfeet

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Type: Skishoes
Color - Black

What are Skishoes and how do they work?

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to take your winter experience to the next level? Look no further than Ski shoes skates! These amazing skates provide an awesome way to perform tricks on the snow and look great while doing it. With one size fitting all, these skates are perfect for individuals of all ages and sizes.

Ski shoes skates offer a variety of benefits that make them stand out from other winter products. First, they are incredibly easy to use. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly learn how to use these skates and start performing tricks on the snow in no time. They offer a comfortable fit that ensures your feet stay secure as you skate around on the snow.

In addition, Ski shoes skates are extremely durable and built with high-quality materials. This means that you won’t have to worry about them breaking down or needing to be replaced after only a few weeks of use. The tough construction makes these skates able to withstand any terrain or conditions that winter throws at them.

But perhaps the best part about Ski shoes skates is their affordability. With such a low price tag, you can easily purchase multiple pairs so that everyone in your family can have their own pair of ski shoes skates. Plus, with one size fitting all, there’s no need to worry about finding the right size for each person in your family—they’ll all be able to enjoy these amazing skates without any problems at all!

If you’re looking for an exciting and affordable way to take your winter experience up a notch, then look no further than Ski shoes skates! Perfect for individuals of all ages and sizes, these amazing skates provide an awesome way to perform tricks on the snow while still looking stylish and cool. Plus, with their strong construction and affordable price tag, there’s no need to worry about spending too much money or worrying about them breaking down after just a few weeks of use. These unique ski shoes are sure to make any winter experience more enjoyable!

So if you’re ready for some fun this winter season, don’t wait—go ahead and order yourself a pair of Ski Shoes Skates today! Whether you want them for yourself or someone else in your family, these amazing skates will provide hours of entertainment as well as help improve your skills on the slopes this season!


Skates for Slopes

Long enough to ski, yet short enough to skate. Basically ice skates for ski slopes.

Ski skates are super fun for downhill skiing, riding backwards, spinning, jumping and all kinds of tricks in snow parks and on the slopes.

About this item

  • ✔️ New booming winter sport. A combination of skiing and skating. Ski-shoe attachments that turn your shoes into mini skis!
  • ✔️  Attach right to your winter shoes or snowboard boots. Adjustable bindings let you attach to any shoe. One size fits all. We recommend for shoes of size: 6-13 US / 38-47 EU.
  • ✔️ They fit into any bag, so you can take them anywhere. You don’t need ski boots or any other heavy and expensive equipment.
  • ✔️ Revolutionary patented award-winning design. They are made of highly durable fiberglass reinforced material. Metal ski edges enable easy stopping.
  • ✔️ Use them for downhill on the slopes, in snow parks, on hiking trails, or just have fun on your local sledding hill or in your backyard.

Product information:
Category: Freestyle Snowboard
Material: high-quality nylon + 304 stainless steel
Plate type: directional
Number of boards: double board
Fixer size: adjustable (mm)
Turning radius: 10 (cm)
Specification: 40 (cm)
Hardness: super hard
Color: Black

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