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Pet Hair Remover Brush

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Color - Navy

Why Choose Our Pet Hair Remover Brush?

Introducing the New Portable Pet Hair Remover Brush – your essential tool for a hair-free environment. This manual lint roller is designed to effortlessly remove pet hair from various surfaces including sweaters, sofas, and clothes. Perfect for both dogs and cats, this scraper provides an effective cleaning solution. With its portable design, you can keep your living space clean and fresh even on the go. Say goodbye to stubborn pet hair and hello to a tidy home with this versatile cleaning tool. Keep your surroundings clean and comfortable with the New Portable Pet Hair Remover Brush – a must-have accessory for any pet owner seeking an efficient and hassle-free way to manage pet hair.

Item Type: Hair Removal Brushes
Wooden brush material: Wooden + Alloy
Size: 17*13.5cm
Color: Green, Pink, Navy Blue 
Material: Plastic
Size: 12.5*15cm

Packing list: 
1pcs hair removal brush

Our pet hair remover brush is specially designed to provide efficient and easy removal of pet hair from furniture and clothes. If you own a pet, you know how troublesome it can be to clean the hair they shed. Having a pet hair remover brush will make your life a lot easier because it is an efficient and convenient tool.

The bristles of our pet hair remover brush are made of high-quality materials that are gentle on your furniture and clothes. You don't have to worry about scratching or damaging the surface of your expensive furniture or clothes. The bristles are also designed to trap the pet hair without scattering it around, making cleaning up a breeze.

Our pet hair remover brush is very easy to use. All you have to do is brush it over the surface that needs cleaning, and the bristles will pick up the hair. You can use it on a variety of surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, and clothes. It is also easy to clean and maintain. After use, simply rinse it with water and let it dry.

Using a pet hair remover brush is an excellent way to keep your furniture and clothes clean and free of pet hair. It is also more environmentally friendly than using disposable lint rollers or adhesive tapes. With our pet hair remover brush, you can save money and reduce waste while keeping your home clean and comfortable for you and your furry friend.